RFQ sending from DistiStock is now enabled

In the latest revision of DistiStock, you’ll notice the new RFQ column. This takes DistiStock to the next level. In addition to being a  comprehensive, professional grade,  electronic components search engine, it is now a trading platform as well.

Sending RFQ’s from inside DistiStock is easy:

  1. Do your search as you normally would. Just type a part number  or a key word  or a description into the search box and click the search button .
  2. Place a check mark in the check box in the RFQ column next to the suppliers that you want to send an RFQ to. You can do this from the authorized distributors Summary tab as well as from the Independents tab.
  3. Click the RFQ button at the top of the RFQ column.
  4. In the dialog box that opens, verify that your contact information  and the RFQ details are correct. You can change it if you want to, as many times as you like. The latest  contact info that you enter would be saved and displayed again next time you click the RFQ button. Any time you change the info the changes would be saved and displayed till you change them again.
  5. Click Send.

Here’s an example. A DistiStock user named Fission Chips (pun intended) has a client who  needs 5 pieces of a Programmable Logic Device with part number EPF10K30AQC208-1.

A search in DistiStock yields the following. We moved columns around a bit so you can see the important details:


Four boxes in the RFQ column are checked. The purchaser, Mike, at Fission Chips, usually checks the suppliers with SDSG beside them, in this case Aipco Inc and Harry Krantz, because he knows he can get the parts reliably. He’s done business with them in the past and can vouch for their integrity. He also checked Vyrian Inc and Sierra IC because his past exprience with them has been positive as well.

Then he clicks the RFQ button at the top of the RFQ column.


The following dialog box appears. rfq2c

All he needs to do now is confirm that everything in the box is okay, fill in whatever missing information is relevant and click Send. Within a few seconds DistiStock will send a confirmation copy of the RFQ email to his email address.


That’s all there is to it. Enjoy.




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