About DistiStock

DistiStock is the coolest electronic parts search tool you’ll ever find. We’ve been working in the electronics industry for several years and have used them all. In short, looking for parts took too much effort. So we wrote DistiStock.

At first it was just for ourselves but the electronics industry has been good to us, so we decided to release DistiStock to the industry as a whole. The rest, as they say, is history.

There’s no more need to go to a distributor’s site, type in the part number, try to decipher what they have to say, open another distributor’s site, type or paste in the part number, decipher some more, open another distributor’s site … well,  you get the picture. We made it easy in DistiStock. Just enter the part number once and click Search. Let the computer do the rest. That’s what we bought them for.

Now we’ve got thousands of users in dozens of countries. Our app gives you the results from almost a hundred authorized distributors and countless independent ones. The numbers keep going up, but the basic idea is still the same – type in the part number once and let the computer do the work.


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